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Welcome to a world that simply doesn't exist without the absolute best & safest paramotoring gear and training.

To learn every detail of glider control takes the best instructor who knows and teaches them along with massive hours of practice. Dell Schanze is unquestionably the best pilot and instructor in the world. Numerous students have set world records during and after SUPER training. Getting 25-60 hours of kiting with up to 530 flights takes the perfect beach location where you can practice 3-11 hours a day. You can see the proven results all over YouTube. You simply can't get massive hours of kiting where you don't have wind all day. If you don't want to run 11 mph for 8 hours a day in farmer Joe's field then come to the perfect location where you can get real training.

Flat Top safety and durability is legendary. SUPERDELL invented the Flat Top after massive experience with countless other brands and designed it to address every known issue in the sport. Crumple zone, protection from the prop, quick release harness, handless seating, face plant protection, trigger throttle... You can watch the whole video series of the 304 reasons competent pilots only fly Flat Tops. It goes into extreme detail of exactly why competent pilots only choose Flat Top paramotors and the reasons are extremely obvious and totally logical when you learn the details of the issues with all other units on the market.

The Dominator paraglider is designed to be flown in the mountains in the middle of the day in hot active thermic conditions. It is both the perfect paramotoring wing and the perfect glider for paragliding. So you don't need 2 different gliders. While others only dare fly a few minutes early in the morning a Dominator with SUPER training allows you to fly anywhere anytime in anything but bad weather. It's safety exceeds the EN-A standards and it's performance set the world speed record at 51 mph. The Dominator is so safe it's perfect for training and for kids but has so much performance even the best pilots in the world continue to set countless world records with it.

SUPER TRAINING includes 11 nights of lodging, plus we provide all the gear you train on and if you damage any gear WE pay for it not you which is worth more than the entire cost of SUPER training. So all you do is show up and we got you covered for the best training in the world and the funnest vacation you will ever take!


Flat Top 200R $7995

Weight shift kit $200

Dominator paraglider (any size) $3800

Stuff bag $99

Reserve parachute (ultra lightweight model) $1100

Shipping, packing and insurance to your door $450

Credit back from SUPER TRAINING towards gear package -$1000

Package price if you purchase up front before the class -$600

Total $16544

To insure we get you all the correct sizes and best training location and date for you specifically and answer any questions you have in as much detail as you need, please link up with us through these options:

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